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 Where are you going? What is your passion?

Sometimes we find ourselves at a crossroads in our career – in our lives – that causes us to stop and seek a new journey. Something inside whispers, “You need to make some changes.” But where do you start? How do you know if it’s really a step in the right direction?


As a follower of Christ, you realize that your life is a part of a larger story God is writing. Every major decision you face is weighed with the question, “Is this what God wants for me?” You seek His guidance, because you want to stay true to the plan that God has for you.

As a creation of God, you are unique – and so is your destiny. What does God want you to accomplish with the gifts, talents, and interests that set you apart? Maybe you’ve had dreams of doing “something big” for the kingdom of God, but you told yourself it can’t work because, after all, you’ve got to make a living. But the restlessness in your heart continues. How can the practical business of developing your career actually integrate with the higher calling God has placed in your heart?


Focus on the Family may be the place where the crossroads come together for you. People who have come to Focus arrive from every walk of life and every situation: fresh out of college, experienced professionals, corporate leaders, technical and skilled workers. The unifying factor in all lives represented here is this:

We have the desire to serve God with a willing heart by bringing our talents and experiences together, believing He will multiply those efforts for His eternal purpose.

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