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Christi's Story 

Certainly one of the best parts about working at Focus on the Family is witnessing the impact made in the Kingdom of God. Christi, an employee who has been in the marketing department at Focus for over thirteen years, has observed the immense enrichment of the family unit through the ministry. Christi mentioned that she was in a conversation with a father who was familiar with Adventures in Odyssey. The father revealed that his family had been watching television every night before everyone went to bed. However, he decided that they needed to turn off the television, and start listening to Adventures in Odyssey before going to bed, so the last thing their minds were exposed to was the message of Jesus. Christi noticed that Adventures in Odyssey helped children grow develop a strong foundation in their faith, and just like a house with a strong foundation, it is bound to last for a very long time.

Christi hasn’t only been watching the ministry flourish in the United States, she has also witnessed the ministry grow rapidly overseas. From the first radio broadcast in Iraq, at the time that the statue of Saddam Hussein was torn down, to radio broadcasts in Turkey and Manawatu, seeing the broadcast go global has been an amazing experience for Christi.

Beyond seeing the Focus on the Family work through the lives of others, Christi’s life as a wife and mother has been transformed as well. Learning how to have a good marriage and be a good parent it monumental, and Focus on the Family truly allows its employees to focus on their own families. Christi has learned this firsthand throughout her years working at Focus on the Family.

Brian's Story

Jesse's Story

Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. are Focus on the Family’s children magazines that reach more than 130,000 kids in over 100 countries. Jesse, an employee at Focus for nearly 22 years, is the current Editorial Director of these magazines and has witnessed the impact his work has made on these children and families around the world. Focus on the Family has been a tremendous outlet for Jesse as he directs his love and passion for writing towards the many areas of Focus’ youth ministry.

One of the many rewarding aspects of Jesse’s position at Focus is watching the Clubhouse initiatives unfold. The Clubhouse initiatives challenge its young readers to participate in an activity, and reach out to family members, friends, etc. to sponsor the activities. In one case, the money went to eight Rwandan men, who were survivors of the genocide in 1994, to build homes for their families. God uses these Clubhouse initiatives in wonderful ways, and the children are active participants of an incredible cause. Jesse is continually encouraged by the results of his day-to-day work.

When Jesse started at Focus, he actively read through the many books written by Dr. Dobson. Getting married at age 20, and being a father at age 23, Jesse claims that Focus on the Family has helped him understand what the role of a husband and father should look like from a Biblical standpoint. It is no question that Jesse has made an impact through Focus on the Family, and Focus on the Family has made an impact on Jesse.


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