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 Volunteer with Focus

Do the challenges facing marriages, parents, teens and children concern you? 

Are you looking for a way to honor God with your time and talent, while making a difference in the lives of families?

We know of a way!
Partner with us at Focus on the Family!



Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Please email HRVolunteer@fotf.org for current opportunities!

Apply here to serve with Focus! 




Online Mentors

"Then Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching and preaching the gospel of the kingdom..."  Mathew 9:35

Do you love social media and have a heart for Jesus?  YES!  This is the missionary opportunity you have been waiting for.

Visit the Online Mentor Page!



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If you need assistance please email us directly at HRVolunteer@fotf.org



 Volunteer Statment of Faith and Ministry Evaluation


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